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Tea Tour Day Trips

Ever wondered where tea comes from? Are you a tea connoisseur looking to expand your knowledge? Our day trips are designed to get your hands into fresh tea.

And ending the day in a hot spring doesn't hurt either!


About your host

Matt Hopkins has been living and working in Hualien, Taiwan for over 15 years with his wife and two children. He is the owner of both Hualien Outdoors, an outdoor adventure company, and Mountain Stream Teas, a source for high quality Taiwanese teas.

Mountain Stream Tea Tours is a natural evolution of those experiences venturing into the mountains and valleys of Taiwan. A blending of passions that has created a great opportunity to introduce even more people to the beauty of Taiwan and its people.

Our Tours


Tea Garden Day Tours 

A visit to an award winning tea garden and factory, have a tea tasting and finish the day at a hot spring. Who could ask for more in a day trip?


Wild Water Tea Tastings

Have you ever wanted to dip your teapot directly in a pristine wilderness river to get water for your tea? Then this trip might be just for you...


Make Your Own Tea

Pick, wither, roll and roast your own tea by hand from start to finish. Basically non stop work for 36 hours or so. If you want something like that, you will love this!


Tea Tastings and Classes

If you make it to our home base in Hualien feel free to schedule a tea tasting or class. We also offer online classes!


Seasonal Harvest Trips

See your favorite teas being picked, processed and taste them in real time on our seasonal harvest trips. Get a chance to make some to take home!


Special Requests

Can't make the scheduled seasonal tours? Really want to learn about a certain type of tea? Get in touch and see if we can figure something out!

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