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Seasonal Harvest Tours


Easy to Hard




8-10 Days



Costs PP


##Our First Spring Harvest trip is tentatively scheduled from May 18th -25th. If you want more details please let us know ASAP!##

Sample Itinerary

Day One:

3pm Start in Taipei, dinner at Wisteria, sightseeing, sleep in Taipei

Day Two:

Head to the Pinglin area for the museum and Baozhong producing farms, walk through tea gardens, meet farmers, sample teas then drive down to Hualien

Day Three:

Make your own tea day! Wake up early and start picking, rolling and roasting you own tea. Sleep in Ruisui.

Day Four:

Sample your already finished tea and start the drive up over the highest road in Taiwan to the Lishan area. Sleep in the mountains in Taiwanese style yurts.

Day 5:

Visit Pear Mountain tea gardens with amazing views, tea on the mountain, some light hiking. Drive to the Dongding area passing Sun Moon Lake.

Day Six:

Visit a 100 year old tea family homestead in Dongding, walk around the famous lake, then head into the Alishan region

Day Seven:

Wake up directly on the mountain of Alishan surrounded by tea gardens, learn about tea, drink it, and spend the day on the famous mountain.

Day 8: 

Wake up in the mountains again and head down the mountain. Finish with a big lunch in Taichung!



How much will it cost? 

Costs will vary year to year and season to season but it will usually costs from 150-300USD a day person and includes three meals, transport, accommodation, a bilingual guide etc. There will be no extra out of pocket fees needed. 

What should we bring?

Once you book, a detailed set of instructions will be sent your way!

What about the weather?

This trip can go out even on rainy days but if in the rare chance that we have to cancel because of the weather there is no costs to you! If the weather is bad the trip itinerary might change in very small ways but the trip will be essentially the same.

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About your host

Matt Hopkins has been living and working in Hualien, Taiwan for over 15 years with his wife and two children. He is the owner of both Hualien Outdoors, an outdoor adventure company, and Mountain Stream Teas, a source for high quality Taiwanese teas.

Mountain Stream Tea Tours is a natural evolution of those experiences venturing into the mountains and valleys of Taiwan. A blending of passions that has created a great opportunity to introduce even more people to the beauty of Taiwan and its people.

Group discounts available for more than 4 people.

All meals and accommodation provided.

All transport included.

Travel with an expert guide and never feel lost.

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